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Pool Opening

  • Remove, fold and place pool cover in cover bag
  • Removing all winter plugs and install wall fittings
  • Reinstall all handrails and ladders
  • Install all baskets and clean skimmers and skimmer lids
  • Install all plugs back in pump, filter, heater, chlorinator, etc.
  • Brush all tile and pool surfaces
  • Sweep and/or bucket wash all debris back off pool deck and away from swimming pool
  • Prime and start all pumps, filter equipment, and heaters
  • Check pool equipment for leaks and malfunctions
  • Shock chlorine pools with our shock
  • Test water chemistry and adjust accordingly with your chemicals (We will have chemicals for purchase if needed)

This price reflects a pool with one pump, mesh cover, no spa, or any other additional water features. There are additional charges if your pool has multiple pumps, spas, waterfalls, floor cleaning systems, etc.

Please call us to obtain a price for your specific needs.